A Jonah Day

The reference above pays homage to Anne. It also describes our day, at least in part. We began okay, but things took their downward turn when Millie decided to play on the fallen playhouse when I wasn’t looking (and despite our strict instructions not to do so). A rusty nail went right through her shoe and into her foot, necessitating a trip to the doctor for an early booster of her DtP.

Later on, we decided we would meet Craig after school with a picnic dinner to watch some sports events with him. In light of the afternoon doctor visit, we stopped by the grocery store to make the picnic dinner a bit easier to manage. We bought almost everything except the fried chicken. I thought the deli fried chicken didn’t look very good, so I decided against my better judgment (and past experiences) to buy raw chicken and fry it up myself. Everything else was done for us: drinks, rolls, bakery cookies, chips. While attempting to fry this chicken, the hot oil splattered all up my right arm giving me some pretty significant burnage. And, I didn’t realize how yucky the chicken was, but I wrapped it up for dinner anyway.

At the school, Chloe managed to trip on an asphalt path, skinning both knees, part of her tummy, and both sides of both hands (don’t ask me how she did this – she’s one talented little booger). We were three down, three to go.

After the baseball game (which the WCA boys won 11-0 with the game called in the middle of the 5th), Craig stood up with us to walk back to the soccer field. At least he tried to stand up: his right foot was actually asleep and he didn’t know it, so he did a hilariously comical up-down fall, almost taking out Katie. Our gracious response to this was to laugh hysterically. Really, it was that funny.

Back at the soccer field (we started out there before baseball), I pulled out the picnic basket. This was when we discovered the chicken was nasty and the store-bought bakery cookies were on the crunchy side. I looked at Craig and stated the obvious: “I should have purchased the fried chicken and made the cookies.” I know my strengths: frying chicken isn’t among them; making chocolate chip cookies is. I switched those things today and it was a huge mistake.

But then, I’m all about mistakes this week.

I am usually itching for the evening hours to do all the things I couldn’t do during the day. Tonight, all I’m itching for is a shade to close on this long, dumb day. I’m in some serious need of steadfast love that renews every morning due to some great faithfulness. I think the whole Dunham family is.