so very tired

The girls and I are conferencing this weekend. I’m attending a homeschool conference, the three oldest are attending the children’s conference, and Millie went to the farm. It was her first time away by herself and she was so excited. It’s weird without her – I keep looking for four kids, thinking I need to collect four from the kids’ program, feed four lunch, etc. It will be good to have her back again tomorrow night.

The program goes from 8-5 with a two hour lunch break and I picked up the girls for the break in the middle of the day so they wouldn’t be there for nine whole hours. Still, it made for a very long day and I think we’re all about ready to crash. They want to go back again tomorrow (as we planned), and I think we might be completely toast by tomorrow night. We shall see.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned this yet, but we’ve definitely decided to homeschool again next year and not participate in the two-day school option. I’m really excited and peaceful about our decision. There’s a good chance that Classical Conversations will begin a program here in our town. I spent a lot of time at their booth asking the rep question after question after question. If it happens, I’m seriously going to look into it.

I’ve got a lot more thoughts about what went into our decision (it was one that took a lot of thought, lots of talking, processing, and praying), but I will have to save those for another day.


2 thoughts on “so very tired

  1. TulipGirl says:

    A local friend loves CC–there is a group nearby and she’s hoping Hubby and the boys will be interested in joining. . . Hmmmm. . . I’m not sure, though. I’ve become such a homeschooling freespirit in recent years that I don’t know whether I want to abide by someone else’s structure.


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