I Waited All Winter for THIS?

I had a roommate in college who would keep crazy hours, which included her boyfriend in our room until way past curfew. I could sleep through anything. Lights on? No big deal. Two people talking? Not interested. Printer smoking? Not my problem. I could sleep through it all.

So what happened? It’s only been 11 years, yet everything has changed. We live on a city street that, while noticeably busy during rush hours, doesn’t seem too bad the rest of the day. – except that really it is, and the sound of cars driving past at random intervals drives me crazy. I can deal with this okay in the winter, but now that it is the season for open windows, this noise thing is becoming a real problem.

Solution one is to simply leave the windows closed. And broil alive while we sleep (or attempt to).

Solution two is to open the blinds and put a box fan in the window, thereby masking the traffic noise. My problem with that is that I sleep facing that window which introduces my second sleep intolerance issue: store lights. We live right across the street from a Walgreens (really, every one here in St. Louis does – they are everywhere). Don’t get me wrong – I love having my own personal vending machine right across the street, but cannot for the sake of anything fall asleep with that red glow on my eyelids.

Which brings me to solution number three: sleeping in the basement. This seems like a fairly logical solution – it’s cool and quiet and the Walgreens glow does not penetrate. But we had a major bug issue in the basement last summer and I have a good memory.

So solution number four would be what then? Holiday Inn?

All this to say that here I am, exhausted from the first of many Maydays, and worried about not being able to fall asleep. And sort of wishing for winter to come back already.