Coming Up for Air

Crazy week #1 has come to an end. The schedule was goofy with Craig and me slapping hands while saying, “Tag!” on our way to and from one thing to the other.

The girls had their ballet recital on Saturday, and it was fun to see their year of work in action. We’d pretty much decided not to participate in that program again next year before Saturday night came for a variety of reasons, namely that the girls complained more often than not when it came time to go to practice each week. That combined with outrageously-priced costumes (each girl needed two!) and my own hesitation at the costume styles in general pointed us in that direction. Saturday night was fun, though. The girls enjoyed it, they did look pretty cute up there in their costumes, and they surprised me by what they retained from the year.

On top of all the crazy May schedule stuff, we decided to add some vinegar to our baking soda mixture by considering making an offer on a house. I know, it’s crazy – we weren’t even thinking about it this time last week and 7 days later here we are. I’m trying to keep my expectations low and my hopes down because the house is a foreclosure and we’re making a low offer on it which the bank might mark with their “loonies” stamp and send right back to us. Just trying to prepare my heart, that’s all. We should find out something by Tuesday night. I’m hopeful. And nervous.

Also last week, while juggling dancing children and a house possibility, I went through three nights of director’s training for Classical Conversations. I’m hoping our group can meet at my church this year, but there might be a technical glitch that prevents that from happening. The session meets on Tuesday night. I’m hopeful. And nervous.

So that’s the theme for this week: hopeful and nervous. Sure makes sleeping difficult.


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