First the good: I cleaned off my desk tonight.

Clean Slate

Now the bad: Everything that was on my desk is now on the table.

Desk, Relocated

In other news, we heard back from the bank today. This process is going to take a while as they aren’t playing fair. They had the price of X listed on the house. We offered a substantial amount below X. They countered with a substantial amount above X. I didn’t even know it ever worked that way. They are smoking something if they think we’re biting on that bait and switch. We can’t afford X, let alone 30K above X. Craig is optimistic, though, and he’s ready to fight. I’m more in a pit of despair which manifests itself by cleaning, thus the desk shot above. Me in despair might be good for our house for a few days, but not for me for very long.

I’m not even sure why I’m this disappointed. Two weeks ago we hadn’t even thought about moving. We’re in a great rental in a great neighborhood and if we end up staying here it’s totally fine. Someone remind me of that, please.

Now then, back to my desk. I don’t know why I can’t keep this area clear. I have a piling disease. Anyone make a pill for that?


15 thoughts on “Good/Bad

  1. Jamie / ohbecareful says:

    Wow, 30k above what you offered? That’s just plain stinks — and I agree, it isn’t playing fair at all. I will continue to pray that they come to their senses and accept your original offer.
    By the way, if you ever discover a pill for Piling Disease, please let me know.


  2. Megan says:

    Actually, they countered with 70K above what we offered. We offered 40K below the list and they countered with 30K above the list.
    Stinks, that’s what. We can’t afford the list, so there’s NO WAY IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD we can afford 30 above it!
    I’m still trying to trust God in this. The whole way we even found out about the house seemed to have His hand on it, so we just need to trust there is a reason why. 🙂 Thanks for praying.


  3. Suzanne says:

    That stinks!! House buying is really stressful. I hope something better comes along. We lost the first house we wanted, then made an offer on a second one. After turning in the paperwork I realized I was rebounding and cried in the car all the way home. Yuck.
    Really weird that they’re countering for over original asking. That used to happen to minorities who were trying to buy homes in white neighborhoods. I wonder what the motive behind this is. Does your realtor have any theories?


  4. Chelsea says:

    Go back and re-read the post about the tree falling on the garage, and remind yourself that renting is good, very good. (But I still hope the bank simmasdownnah.)


  5. Margaret says:

    Wow. That’s common around here (inside the Beltway), and we went through it when we were still purchasing/selling (escalation clauses, etc). It’s really difficult!


  6. Rhonda says:

    Wow! They are being extremely unreasonable. I think you should counter with an offer BELOW your original offer. HA! Two can play at that game.
    (Okay, I’m not really serious, but I would be soooo tempted to do that.)
    Our home was a foreclosure and we did get it below asking price (about $10,000). How long has this house been on the market? Ours had been vacant for 6 months. There’s no telling how long it had been since they had gotten a payment. Just be patient! (easy for me to say, right?) If it’s not this house, God has a better plan. 🙂


  7. TheNormalMiddle says:

    Unfortunately it works that way sometimes. They have an offer of X, lower than what they feel it is worth, so that many people will bid and they might just end up with a bidding war.
    I watched a show in HGTV once where the listing price for a mega house in CA was like $50,000. The house was worth about a million, but they used the low asking price to incite a bidding war.
    Not saying that is what the bank is doing, but….could be.
    And could be they had a few very sincere, but low offers a the same time, so they think they might have leverage for a mini bidding war—where people get emotionally involved and blow the budget to win.
    Think ebay. 😦
    Still praying it works out for you!


  8. Jen says:

    I feel your pain! We are trying to sell our home and move closer to church/school/work but we can’t even manage that. Today we had an offer that was $50K BELOW our asking price, which we’ve already lowered 30K from the original. Hang in there!
    Hey–we have the same computer! Great minds, ya know! Once you go MAC, you never go back! 🙂


  9. Megan says:

    Craig dropped them another offer today. Not much more than our original. Here’s hoping eventually we can agree on a number. Here’s hoping that eventually will be tomorrow. *wink*


  10. Kether says:

    Boy do I know how you’re feeling. We offered a reasonable amount for a house that needed a lot of work and they came back asking for $50,000 more than their asking price. We withdrew our offer and have another offer in on another bank owned house. I’m crossing my fingers.


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