Where’s a Banana Clip When You Really Need One?

We’re going to a graduation party on Saturday night for these tired finished wiped out totally brilliant seminarians. Dude, it’s like totally an 80’s party.

I had an 80’s party for Craig when he turned 30. He Who Will Not Be Surprised totally was, and it was a really fun party. We had some 65 people crammed into our small house and it was everything I imagined an 80’s house party to be like because, you see, I never went to an 80’s house party. I was too busy wearing Laura Ingalls jumpers and listening to Keith Green on my cassette tape player.

But being a homeschool-wannabe then didn’t mean I was totally exempt from all the amazing fashion of the 80’s. Despite my fundamentalist roots, I was a firm believer in the big bang; and Keds with colored socks; and jellies; and big round glasses; and a frizzy perm I tried to bring back two years ago, but then realized there was a reason it died in the 80’s.

All that to say that we can do 80’s. But I was worried about this party because I haven’t given it much thought yet (other than that I needed to find a babysitter). Where does one find a banana clip this late in the game?

So, while I was upstairs sewing and stewing over important things such as which shade of blue eye shadow to wear and where I might locate some big dangly earrings to dangle, the gray clouds parted and the sun began shining right into my 10:25pm bedroom. We have Craig’s letter jacket in the trunk in the living room. Oh yes we do. My wardrobe problems for Saturday night are officially over.

My boyfriend's jacket

I think this, paired with a denim mini-skirt, will do very nicely.
By the way, Woottons, congratulations. Well done!