S is for Summer

Seems like an assortment of stuff for the summer starts with S. Silly? Sure. I present you with the S’s of summer.

S is for Sweating – Craig and I tried an experiment whereby we would see how long we could go before turning the A/C on. We thought we could use the saved money for other things, like gas. We made it all the way to June 4.

S is for Sewing – You saw my bag. I’m also making a bunch of verse packs as well as attempting to teach Maddie, Chloe, and Katie how to sew on the machine. They are doing a great job on paper. Maddie actually already knows a lot more than that, but I’m going back and teaching her the fundamentals like how to thread the machine and how to curse under your breath when you accidentally sew through your left thumb.

S is for Swimming – We joined the local city pool for the summer. It is probably the very best $100 we have ever spent. We’ve already gone six times in the past nine days. It’s a beautiful thing.

S is for Sunscreen – Would somebody invent the automatic sunscreen application doorway already? I’d so love to push a button, walk everyone through the door, and presto – done with the sunscreen. I missed a spot today and am now sporting a weird bright red right shoulder, neck, and upper arm. Nice. S is also for Sunburn.

S is for Showers – Baby showers, that is.

S is for Schoolwork – It sounds mean, but I gave the girls a schedule to follow for most days this summer, which includes math and grammar. They are doing great with it, and it has really cut down on a lot of the summer sloth we sometimes fall into. They do their work first thing in the morning, and then we find fun things to do the rest of the day.

S is for Singing – Katie auditioned for the St. Louis Children’s Choirs on Thursday and is now the newest member of our family to join. Truly, we will be gathering there forever, with joyful hearts and minds.

S is for Small Group – We’re not exactly the “small group” type, but we finally joined one with some other families in our church. We’ve gone three times now and I’m glad we joined.

S is for Single Parenting РCraig is going out of town for two weeks beginning Monday. I see a lot of PB&J dinners in our future.

S is for Short Hair – At 8pm tonight I realized I was tired of wearing a ponytail everyday. I called three places, one of which said they stopped taking walk-ins at 8:25 (it was 8:15). I told her I could be there by 8:25. I went, he cut, it’s short, I’m happy.

S is for Sleepy – This is suddenly how I am. Very. So I’m off.

So long!