While the Cat’s Away…

…the mice will host out of town guests and catch up on three years worth of scrapbook photos!

Eubanks and Dunhams

Here’s a photo of my friend Marcie, with all 8 of our kids. What, you can’t see 8 kids in this photo? That’s because two of them haven’t been born yet. It was fun to talk twins with Marcie last night as well as catch up on lots of other stuff. Darn it, though, my pregnant friend was too tired to stay up until 2am braiding each other’s hair and making banana splits and such. Oh wait, my hair isn’t long enough to braid anymore anyway. It was a fun but fast 21 hours, and we were glad to be on her St. Louis tour stop this week. Oh, and guess who is up to her group-photo antics again? That girl sure acts like a four-year-old sometimes. Oh wait, she is a four-year-old.

In other news, I’ve turned our living room into scrapbook central while I attempt to put the last three years of our lives on paper:

Scrapbook Haven

Times like these it’s really nice to live across the street from Walgreens with a round-the-clock 1-hour photo lab. I find there’s nothing worse than realizing that I forgot to print that one picture that I really wanted for the scrapbook. From my computer to theirs, presto. The photo guy now recognizes me and thinks I’m odd. He can join the club.

One of these days I’m going to figure out the whole digital scrapbook thing, but since I currently have three years of photos mostly printed already, I’m going to continue on in my old fashioned ways for a bit longer.

So off I go. I have at least two more good hours of cutting and gluing left in me tonight.

PS: My editor is currently in a tent somewhere north. Please excuse any and all random misspellings and improper use of the comma.