I’ve Got Commitment Issues

So to anyone following our housing saga, it’s not looking good for the original house that kick-started the “Hmm, should we think about moving again?” campaign. Before Craig left he said he was planning to place our third and highest offer when he came back. I’m not sure it will still be around when he comes back because according to the realtor, it’s been receiving a lot of interest this week from rehabbers and other realtors who are interested in flipping it.

On the other hand, Craig also said if I wanted to see some other houses while he was gone, to feel free to do that. So tomorrow I’m signed up to go through four different houses. I’ve got mixed feelings about it, though, because stylistically, none of the four are ones I really love from the outside. One of them looks like a bad attempt to copy the Brady Bunch house. Interestingly enough, though, the photos of that one on the inside are amazing. Craig’s only concern here is that I’m settling on style for size and price. He wants this next move to be THE move. That’s what scares me.

If I thought we could buy the funky Brady Bunch house next month, live in it for three years, hope the market picks back up, sell it and then get the house we really want, I would do it in a heartbeat. I don’t think that’s going to happen, though. Because this next move will be THE move, I’m not in nearly the rush to move as I thought I was in May. This is a big deal, sort of like getting married, having children, committing to a church. It’s time for me to wrestle through my housing attachment disorder, choose a place to live and then live there. Forever.

Guess this renting thing isn’t too bad of a gig for now…


4 thoughts on “I’ve Got Commitment Issues

  1. Ed Eubanks says:

    I understand exactly what Craig means (big surprise)… having moved twice in the last three years, I have very little desire or willingness to do it again soon.
    On the other hand, I think it’s always difficult to say that this is “THE move” when you (in the general sense of you, not you the Dunhams) don’t always have the means to buy THE house. And in this market, it’s easy to buy A house– but it may also be that THE house is simly not on the market. (Who would list in this market if they didn’t absolutely need to?)
    So I like your scenario of buying, waiting, and selling/buying again in a few years. I think there’s a lot of logic in that. Couldn’t you just stay where you are? Sure– but you’re paying a good bit in rent, and you may be able to spend LESS on a mortgage and be building equity (thus making possible to means to buy THE house down the line).


  2. Chelsea says:

    One thought: Does it really matter how the outside of the house looks? Other than the few minutes a day — maximum — that you see it from the curb, mostly it just matters how the inside looks, feels, and functions.
    Also, you’ll have an easy way to tell people how to find your house. “Turn left on Ridgeway, then stop when you see Mike Brady and the a-line roof.”


  3. Megan says:

    I know, I know, looks shouldn’t matter. After all, I have lived in two other homes (present one included) in which I did not love the outside at first. They were arranged marriages, if you will. I then grew to love them for what they were and not what they looked like.
    But can’t we all also agree that nice looks are what attract us to him the house in the first place?
    I want it all this time: good looks and admirable character. I’ve got it in my marriage, why not my house?
    I seriously have issues, hmmm? I went to the Brady Bunch house today. It won’t work – rooms are too few and too small. It looked really nice inside, just not as functional as we need…


  4. martha10 says:

    realistically, unless you have come into a huge amount of money, you will probably have to give on one of the areas. from experience, i would say, always keep in mind resale as far as location. that is one thing you can never change. cosmetics can be changed, but locations can’t and it often makes the difference between being able to sell a house easily or not.:)
    expensive repairs are usually in kitchens and bathrooms so i usually tried (not always sucessfully) to get places that didn’t need as much work there.
    it would be nice if you could find THE house and settle where you are “forever”. whether that is God’s plan for you is another question. i’ve wished i could be settled in one place for a long time. yes, i’m back in my house, but think God won’t really let me be “settled” for a long time to remind me that i’m still a pilgrim. i don’t know what will happen for you. happy house hunting. i know it can be stressful. isn’t it good to know He is caring for you even in this situation? m


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