It’s Here

I know, I did this last year. I’m just so excited, that’s all. I mean, the kids are so excited. I mean, we’re all so glad for a 15-hour break 15 hours of good teaching and care.

You know what I mean.


6 thoughts on “It’s Here

  1. zellner says:

    so funny! enjoy your week- I mean I hope that they enjoy their week 🙂 by the way, a house warming gift is on its way.


  2. martha10 says:

    ha-ha! pca land, st. louis. sort of true:) espec. compared to much of the midwest.
    i know you’ll get a lot done to prep for the move. i don’t envy you.
    i still haven’t gotten over our move but we did have a wedding, major clean-up and repair from renters and starting back to work f/t for me after 8 yrs. i’m still worn out…and not all unpacked!
    i know you are looking forward to getting into your own home:) m


  3. Megan says:

    Well, I can’t take credit for PCA Land. I swiped it from Kent Needler who made a pretty funny postcard with “Welcome to Presbyterianland” on it. I swiped that too a few years ago.
    And I’m spending my 15 hours in Jerram’s office working on his library, so not getting much packing done during that time, but doing something else that needs to get done quickly…


  4. agnusdeiacademy says:

    Ooo – I wish I didn’t have to volunteer! I’m in charge of snacks for everyone this year. At least there’s no glue involved and I get to be inside. 🙂


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