When I get really tired, I not only lose my judgment, but also my memory. For example, pizza is not something you would normally consider to be a healthy meal choice to serve, but rather a treat to be had on occasion. Right?

On Sunday night I made pizza for the family because I had everything I needed to make a pizza and right now that’s pretty much the only qualification necessary in order for dinner to get made and served to the five other people who like to eat at regularly scheduled intervals.

On Monday, I worked in Jerram’s office in the morning and packed all afternoon, followed by 90 minutes at the pool. When dinner time rolled around, I was tired and decided to order some pizza for a quick and easy dinner. Ten minutes after placing the order I remembered that I’d made pizza the night before.

So we had pizza two nights in a row. And then we had leftovers for lunch today, which wasn’t necessarily a memory lapse, but definitely another judgment one.

Example number two: Craig and I have finally decided to jump on the culture train and are watching LOST. We’re in the middle of season one and generally watch about two episodes each night. Last night, Craig needed to go somewhere in the evening, so I thought it would be the perfect time to defrost the freezer in the basement. I emptied it out, put a pan in the bottom, lined it with a towel, and unplugged it. (Please, no comments on my defrosting methods). My plan was to check it every 30 minutes, empty the pan, replace the towel, etc.

Right after I unplugged the goofy thing, Craig came back from where he was going; he hadn’t needed to go after all. He said, “I’m home! Let’s watch LOST!” Guess who forgot all about her freezer defrosting project? Guess who stored 5 columns of cardboard boxes filled with books and other assorted school supplies directly in the drainage path from the freezer to the sump pump drain? Guess who spent 30 minutes today unpacking some boxes and air drying some books?

I think I may have packed my brain in one of these boxes, maybe in one of the ones that got soaked by the freezer last night. I’d sure like to find it again before next Tuesday.