We’re Back

We’ve actually been online for a couple of days, but I figured everyone is tired of me talking about moving and packing and now moving and unpacking. Basically we’re all tired and edgy. Okay, I’m tired and edgy. I can be honest.

I signed up for a Classical Conversations parent practicum for this week some time ago, way before we planned to move and way before I realized our closing date would be the day before the conference. I needed the training, so I still had to go, but it’s messed with me this week in a crazy way.

I usually have a pretty high chaos threshold, but this week I realized that my chaos threshold only includes my own controlled chaos. The chaos around me right now has been out of my control, and as I left the house by 8:15 every day and didn’t get home until about 5, things were just more than nuts around here. They still are.

That’s life in transition, I guess. I’m ready for a life of stability again. Bring it!