From “AAAAAA” to “ahhhhhh”

We started school today and it was, um, shall we say, a less than ideal start to the school year. The printer I got second-hand to print school assignments off the girls’ PC is out of ink and this week Craig gave me the go-ahead to get a better printer with a copier function after I tested his mom’s new one out this weekend at the farm. I don’t want to buy new ink for this printer if I’m just going to turn around and get a new printer, so I couldn’t print their assignment sheets today.
No big deal, I just looked up the assignments on their computer and we were off like a herd of turtles.

Then the plumber came. And while here, told me he needed access to the underbelly of the kitchen, meaning I had to empty all the lower cabinets, while simultaneously trying to coach the girls in their respective assignments. Then he informed me that the siding had to come off a back portion of the house so they could gain access to some pipes, and siding removal wasn’t part of their contract with us.

I was almost in tears, googling “how to remove vinyl siding” so I could try to do it myself, when Dave, the bookshelf man, arrived to finish his project for us. Dave is my new favorite guy because after hearing what I was doing, and then spying my trying my hand at peeling siding off the house, came over and asked me which portion of the house had to come off. He then proceeded to do it right there on the spot, thereby saving me from a mild-medium emotional breakdown.

All that to say that we called school off early for the day which was defeating for me and relieving for the girls. They watched a movie while I paced back and forth from plumber to carpenter, watching, and feeling pretty useless.

Our plumbing woes are far from over, but we had one major triumph today. The bookshelves are finished now, and while not crucial to our occupancy permit being granted later this week (our 30 day window to get the inspection violations done is almost up), was definitely a moral booster for both me and Craig, as both of us have had our chaos thresholds more than reached in the past week.

So, with no further ado, I want to remind you of the old wall:

Wall Before Book Shelf

And show you the wall now:


This shelving unit holds all of our fiction books along with one shelf of parenting books and one shelf of marriage books. What does that say about our view of marriage and parenting? Hmm. Anyway, we have more books to add, but I wasn’t in the mood to haul any more boxes down from the attic today.

I began stripping the wallpaper in that area where the shelves went and it felt good to finally do something in here in the direction of making the room look more like “us.” Hopefully over Christmas break we will paint the bookshelves, as well as the whole room. Until then, though, just having the shelves is a serious sense of “ahhhhhh” for us. Here’s a view of the living room from where I’m sitting right now:


We’re getting there. Little by little. And school? Well, it is just August 11, so it isn’t exactly like we’ve fallen off the wagon yet. And Dave? God bless Dave. He saved my sanity twice today and I won’t forget that.


18 thoughts on “From “AAAAAA” to “ahhhhhh”

  1. JoAnne says:

    LOVE, love, love the bookshelves. And I had a sudden inspiration for a cool grate (is that the word?) to put in front of the radiator, with a decorative “D” … or something similar. Do please keep posting photos of the house, because it looks so cool!


  2. Amy P says:

    Those are perfect Dunham bookshelves! Makes me want a cool spot under some stairs for shelves.
    Can’t wait to see the rest of the house- sorry you have to go through the repair ordeal.


  3. kristen says:

    Those shelves are awesome! The books were a huge morale thing for me, too, as I unpacked. Our place felt like ours when the books were out. Even before we’d gotten more furniture that we were expecting, etc.


  4. Mom says:

    So, I thought “Craig” and “Dad” were your favorite men. Now you’ve added Dave. The book shelves are awesome! He did a great job of making this corner useable and decorative. Where did you put the CD/Magazine holder? Did it loose it’s place in the living room? Sorry about the plumber problems. Has the city given you an amended extension for the repairs getting done? (Remember, if the girls were in public school, the first day would be spent getting to know their teachers and the other students in their class room, locating the bathroom, lunch room, locker, etc. At Halfpint Homeschool, they know all this already. So you aren’t really behind.) We love you and are praying that today will go great! M


  5. Jennifer says:

    Wow I love your bookshelves! They look so great. What an encouraging message from your mom too. We have started our schooldays as part-time for a couple weeks now but on the 18th it will be full schoolwork. Today it’s hard to school with such beautiful weather…gotta get back and finish so we can be outside the rest of the day!


  6. Jen says:

    Those are beautiful!!!!!!!!! Just lovely! I got hives just reading your post. We Type AAAA personality types need to calm down, ehh!! Praying tomorrow is better and more productive and if not, chalk it up to “experience” and try again the next day.


  7. Abigail says:

    Hi there, I discovered your blog ages ago when we lived in England, and have been a faithful, silent reader for the last few years. Now, I’m back in StL, and am wondering if I might run into you as we play in similar circles. I thought it might be time to introduce myself!
    Also, love the bookshelves!


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