Showing Up the Proverbs 31 Woman

Finally, all those years of making team flags for Eagle Lake has paid off. Craig asked me tonight if I could come up with some clever, semi-permanent hall passes for him to use this year because he got tired of writing them over and over again last year. He also wanted something that would hopefully deter students from wanting to use them too often.

Tonight I selected wool and flax. I worked with eager hands. I came up with this:

Bathroom Hall Pass

One down, three to go. Is it wrong that I had a little too much fun making this tonight?


15 thoughts on “Showing Up the Proverbs 31 Woman

  1. Candace Prosser says:

    Awesome, that is too cool for schoool.
    I remember in highschool there was a “no sagging” rule to deter the boys from wearing pants that were to large and thus expose their underwear. I bought a pair of pants that summer when the boy fit levis first started being marketed for junior girls and wore them all the time. One of my furious classmates that saw an incredible injustice in allowing girls peirced ears and hat wearing, but disallowing it for the guys, cried out in class for me to be sent to the office for the proverbial suspenders of justice to keep my pants up. I gladly walked down to the office, returned with a lovely set of plaid suspenders and continued with the principals permission to wear them for the rest of the week….I really liked suspenders- it wasn’t punishment for me.


  2. JoAnne says:

    Two things: Firstly, the passes are adorable. Secondly, as a former teacher who tried to make it uncomfortable for students to use the restroom, and as a former seventh-grade student who gladly carried a horse femur to the lav and back, I’d have to disagree with all those who think that they will deter anyone from asking to use the restroom. They will, however, spare poor Craig from having to write passes. Thankfully, his school allows this sort of thing. Our school had such security restrictions that we all had to write passes fresh every time on officially sanctioned hall pass paper. (We had to make the copies ourselves, of course – and heaven forfend we ran out.) So much for the cute styrofoam hall passes I had made over the summer!


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