I’m Back

I’ve been back since last night, actually, but who is keeping track? I didn’t think so.

As predicted, I’m glad I went. I had a good time and enjoyed meeting some new ladies. I got my “E” on and functioned outside of my personality for most of the weekend. Not exactly what you think of when you think “retreat” but it was what I needed to do. It was also fun to be back in a campish setting because Craig and I will always be camp people. And believe me, nothing says, “Draw near to Jesus” faster than a campground with rolling hills:

Rolling Camp Hills

And a llama:


I kept calling the llama “Tina” all weekend, but I don’t think anyone understood why. Oh well. I cracked myself up by telling the llama to come get some ham, and eat the food and all that.
Craig has hung the closed sign on our summer, but I must admit, I’m mourning the loss of the summer. Between packing to move, moving, unpacking from the move, and staring with glazed eyes as men with tools took over our house for two weeks, I’m finally feeling like maybe we can call this place ours. I’d like to enjoy it a little before the fall carries us away.

With no plumbers here to get us off track tomorrow, and my new printer fully functioning, I don’t have a lot of excuses to not at least do something schoolish tomorrow, so we will. But we’ll also probably knock off a little early and head to the pool while we still can.

I’m going to milk every last ounce out of summer that I can. Because I finally can.