Oh Yes, That Counts Too

I’m so busy beating myself up because I’ve not had what you would classify as an official “Quiet Time” by those who are members of the official Quiet Time Police, that I forget that I am reading the Word more often than I’m not. Usually it is in the context of reading it to the girls and not really devotional reading, but input is input, right? Tell me I’m right.

Yesterday I did get up and have an official quiet time. Somebody put a sticker on my chart. I started in Exodus which I really really really want to love and understand. Right now, though, it seems I’m just reading it so I can check it off on the Bible reading plan (and yes, if you keep score, you will notice Exodus comes in like February of most Bible reading plans and really it is August, so I’ve obviously not been following the plan very closely). So take the sticker back off my chart.

Anyway, I’m still here to admit that this is a struggle for me. It just might always be. But I will keep trying. It just might come during odd hours of the day when I’m surrounded by four young folks and trying to keep their attention while reading through the book of John. Bless that time, Lord. For them and for me.


One thought on “Oh Yes, That Counts Too

  1. Lyra says:

    Megan! I had no idea you had another blog! I’m subscribing now.

    I struggle heavily with this, too. I can totally relate. And, I, too, find that much of the time I spend in the Word is with my kids. It’s amazing to see how God speaks to me through those times with them. I guess He figures if I’m not going to pick up my own bible, He’ll do it through my kids!

    I’m looking forward to following this blog! I’m excited!


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