Still Here

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…wait, different post.
We took another running start at school this week. Day one was, well, shall we say, difficult? It was certainly a day to make me question my calling again, but now that Craig and I have made some long term goals, I didn't, and that was a really good thing. Knowing that a bad day isn't going to change our plans has done wonders for my mindset this year. All 4 days of it.
Anyway, after a talk from our principal that night, days 2, 3, and 4 have been amazingly better. Truly. They've been fun. And that even in the midst of more goofy house stuff.
The goofy:
On Monday, the plumber came by again to pick up a check from me. On his way out the door, I cheerily said I hoped I'd never see him again. He didn't take it personally. On Tuesday he was back. Our house is still adjusting to us, only this time it wasn't the kitchen but some other small rooms of the house where lots of water goes down small pipes that were previously used by two people who rarely ever used them and are now used by six who use them all the joking time. That's code for saying the sewer guy had to come and send an Alien-vs-Predator looking hose thing with what looked like a large food processor chopping blade at the end through the pipes to clear them all out. Nice.
The good:
On Wednesday, we loaded up the family and headed 90 minutes away to have dinner with Craig's grandpa, because his mom is there with him this week (hi, Char!).
More good:
Tonight we had a cook-out, with most of the families joining us in our Classical Conversations adventure this year, and it was loads of fun of the wild-kid and extroverted-adult variety. Interestingly enough, most of the parents involved are introverts, but we were all doing our darndest to act like extroverts. It was a fun evening, but when we suggested we wrap it up, we all pretty much hit the deck running at the same time. Hilarious.
More goofy:
The bad news of today is that the house inspector came back for his follow-up report. Of all the things we had to do and cost lots and lots and lots, the one thing we never got around to doing was move one smoke detector 5 feet from its current location and adding another one in the attic. Guess what the company man is going to write up in his report tomorrow? Never mind that I promised him I would go to the store the very minute he left and buy the goofy smoke detector (which I did). It will go in his report, along with the news that the county electrical inspector never came to inspect the electricians work (um, information that would have been helpful yesterday). So we're hoping they don't kick us out over these two areas of "negligence." Give me a break, Mr. Meanie. Did you happen to notice the other 20 things we DID get done within the given 30 days?
Still more goofy:
I'm not going to let that spoil an otherwise decent week. Not that, nor the two brothers who live across the street who are apparently having a domestic quarrel in the street as I type. Nope, not going to let that spoil the week either.
Good combined with goofy:
This weekend, we officially re-enter birthday season in our family, with C7 having a party to commemorate becoming C8 (which she will officially do one week from today). After that we don't really stop until February.
Anyway, that's our week in a nutshell. Tomorrow is day 5 of The Dunham Homeschool Adventure 2008-2009. There will be bumps, to be sure, but overall I expect it to be a good day.


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