Sometimes I Just Sit Here

The house is quiet and everyone is asleep. I have a choice to make regarding what I’m going to do with the next couple of hours. I could be responsible and go to sleep. Or I could be responsible and tidy something up. Or I could be responsible and print out our lesson plans for this week. Or I could just sit here and stare at the living room, the furniture arrangement, the books on the shelves, the photos on the walls. Guess which option usually wins?

I don’t necessarily think sitting here and staring is a waste of time. Sitting here and blog surfing? Maybe, but staring around the room? Not so much. Because when I do this, when it’s silent, when I’m alone, when I’m not distracting myself with the words of others, I sometimes think; and what I think is sometimes hard.

I’m not a political analyst. I’m not going to pretend to be able to intelligently answer the oh-so-consuming question of whether or not we should, in good faith, be so enthusiastic about voting for the McCain/Palin ticket. You know, I’m wrestling through it, too.

I’m not willing to say she shouldn’t do it. I’m also not willing to say she should. Right now that doesn’t seem to matter, for she is. (Oh, that and the fact that nobody asked me my opinion before selecting her). And as she is, do we vote for her? What are the alternatives? Given the alternatives, probably I will vote for her, regardless of whether or not I agree with her choice to be in this position.

It feels weird, though. I just want to go on record as saying that. It’s weird because I do believe in the role of women in the home. It’s also weird because I am excited about the prospect of actually being represented by someone who understands my life, and I’m wresting through whether or not those two things must be mutually exclusive. I simply don’t know.

So, tonight, as I sit here and stare, that’s the question on my heart. I have no idea what God is going to do. For tonight, I’m just glad to have a reason to care again.


7 thoughts on “Sometimes I Just Sit Here

  1. Megan says:

    I’ll tell you, I watched Obama on Thursday night and after all my cynical comments subsided half-way through, I took on a glazed look and mummy-walked around the house saying, “Must. Vote. For. Obama.”
    I woke up from my democratic stupor the next morning. All of my thoughts are formed from others whom I trust. The thoughts of those others remind me that this particular election is as much about the Supreme Court Justices as it is about anything else. I know enough to know I’m not comfortable with Obama in place to appoint the next Justices.
    And that’s about as far as my political analyzing can take us. *wink*


  2. Margaret says:

    Does it help at all that my kid fell asleep during Obama’s speech? While *I* was tearing up?
    Nice discussion-and good to discuss with folks who don’t think lockstep with me!
    I miss my dad.


  3. Lana Day says:

    Megan, I honor your time to think and as an “oldy woman,” I know this time is so important for you…as it should/could be for all women…either your age or my age!
    I hope you will take considerable time to weigh this choice. Also take a look at why she was chosen for this nomination to begin with…
    I honor your standard of chosing someone who is pro-life. I am not in favor of abortion.
    I do believe our country is in a grave (yes, “grave”) position on many fronts. I doubt the readiness of someone of Sarah Palin’s background to be that heartbeat away from the President of the United States. She would be called upon to make executive decisions even as a V.P. that would affect our country’s future for decades. She would need the expertise to surround herself with quality decision makers also…and the insight to assess who they truly are in the political arena.
    I would like for you to really listen to the heart of what Barak Obama has to say. Visualize what Joe Biden has to say and check his record in the Senate.
    I love the fact that you present thoughtful questions on your blog.
    I know we probably don’t always agree on the political things…but we certainly agree on many other life things.
    Please feel free not to post this if you don’t want to. I would love to hear your thoughts, though.


  4. rayzerbacks6 says:

    I’ve had all of these same thoughts. Truth be known, there’s just no one to be enthusiastic about.
    I do feel that the McCain ticket has it right on oil…right on the war…right on abortion. But wouldn’t it be nice if he hadn’t left his wife for a younger woman 30 years ago and could be thought a man of intergrity? Wouldn’t it be nice if Sarah Palin whose example of leaving her children to run the country wasn’t undermining so much for which I stand? Well, it sure would.
    Of course I’m not enthusiastic about any of them. But I do feel a little safer (re: national security) voting for McCain/Palin.
    Good posts– lots of good discussion. Thanks, Megan.


  5. steph says:

    wow. this one could go and on on, eh? I’ve been telling Tom how GLAD I am to be out of the country during this election. I just hate all the extra stuff in all media forms that is SO agressive. At least over here I can dip in a get the essentials without all the extra marketing. Alas, we get on the plane tomorrow and land in Colorado on Friday (=
    Tom and I holler at each other about politics and seriously have disagreed about every election since we’ve known each other. I can think of only one time we’ve voted for the same guy.
    Anyway. I guess I’m not saying anything substantial here. I am reading America’s Applebees which is a FASCINATING look at marketing in politics, religion and in the food business (= I won’t quite finish it however, and it won’t make the cut in the carry on bag seeing as I am taking bottles and toys etc for the 20 hour journey. sigh. what am I doing on this blog right now!!


  6. Kara Tippetts says:

    I am going home this weekend. Though I am excited to see my family, I am not eager to have any talks about politics. I felt the same way with Bush. I agree with you Megan, when it comes to appointing judges, it makes a difference. A difference worth having these types of discussions about….even with my family. I can’t ignore all this in light of the lifetime appointment.
    Mommy issues aside with Palin. As mom’s we need to be growing, thinking, wrestling, and learning, not getting mommy brain and staying out of the conversation. It is important to have our own thoughts and convictions even when they may not be popular. I appreciate you starting the conversation Megan.


  7. Jess says:

    What I don’t like about Palin:
    She isn’t staying at home with her baby.
    What I like about Palin:
    She isn’t staying at home with her baby, because even a very conservative Christ following mother can be led to contribute to her family by modeling what it means to nurture something beyond her family so it looks more like the kingdom..first the PTA…now the nation. I for sure would not make the same choices she has, but there’s something to be said for the example she’s setting for her children in this way, in this season. Hopefully, she’s modeled other aspects of motherhood in other seasons? Hopefully…
    All that said, I still don’t know who I’m going to vote for…


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