10 Hours Away

Tomorrow is the big day: the Classical Conversations group I’m directing begins and I’m totally nervous about it. I shouldn’t be; I’m not even teaching. But as the director, I’m still responsible and I’m feeling that responsibility tonight.

My kids are totally excited about it. One chose her outfit last Thursday. She knows most of her learning is done at home, but she can’t help but feel that “first day of school” giddiness. I’m glad she has that. I’m also glad that for the first time in probably forever my kids will have consistent time with other girls their age who don’t live 45 minutes away. I’m doing this group for the content, yes, but also for the community for my kids. Oh, who am I kidding? I’m also doing it for the community for myself.

A lot of preparation has gone into making this happen. A lot. And I’m so ready to stop talking about how to do it and just start doing it and patch the holes we find as we find them. I’ve got three tutors who are ready to go. I’m trusting them. It’s time. Here we go.