Birthday List

Snow Cone Heaven

This particular half pint will be turning 5 in less than two weeks. I found some things I think she will enjoy for her birthday and made a list on Amazon for her. Imagine my surprise then when asking her yesterday if she knew what she wanted for her birthday. Her answers were quick and clear:

1. A new jump rope (understandable since the only jump rope we have right now got pitched yesterday because the handles broke off).

2. Some candy bracelets

3. Soap

And that was it. This poor child is one of four children who have been out of their soap for quite a while now. I’ve been having them use “grown-up” shampoo, but you know it just isn’t the same as having your own. Since they haven’t had soap in several weeks she figured she should ask for some for her birthday.

Guess who got an early birthday present today? Sad or funny? You decide.