Oh. Yes, That.

We’re fall cleaning today. This is huge because, for whatever reason, we have not all been home for an entire Saturday in many weeks (I don’t even know how many). All the things of the week conspire to make the house a veritable trash heap that needs sorting and pitching and dusting and everything, yet we’ve not had time to do it – until today.

My main task has been to catch up on the laundry – a huge task. Not only that, but I’ve been pulling out all of the fall/winter clothes and resorting/organizing the closets – even more huge. Yesterday I had Alison Krauss helping me. Today I enlisted the help of the Newsboys (nothing like sorting and hanging to some old-school CCM).

Anyway, I was looking for my iPod to plug into the girls’ upstairs CD player so I could whistle while I worked. I couldn’t find the iPod, though, so I grabbed my computer, thinking I would plug it into the CD player before I realized I couldn’t plug my computer into the CD player. I frowned and said, “Nuts. I wanted to listen to some music while I folded.” Craig looked at me like I was nuts and said, “How about you just put a CD in the CD player?”

Oh. Yes, that. Okay. Look how far I’ve come with technology: I’ve forgotten how to handle live compact discs. But I figured it out pretty fast, and I’m not ashamed to let you know. Thanks, Newsboys, for helping me get it all folded. Now will you please come over here and help me put it all away?


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