I Still Like It

When I was in the 7th grade, I wrote two short “news” articles for a “kids contribute” section of an Archie comic book. I didn’t tell anyone I was doing that, but just sent them in secretly (I’ve never been good at the rejection thing). To my surprise, both stories were printed and, if I remember correctly, I received $5 for one and $3 for the other. I also got “public” recognition in my 7th grade Advanced English class by Mrs. Willaby, who read the stories out loud while I grinned and turned tomato paste red.

Just over 20 years later I’ve been published again, this time on the Internet. I’ve been given the News Now section of God’s World News, which means taking current events stories and rewriting them to fit the appropriate age levels. These articles are part of the subscriber side of God’s World News, so if you are a current subscriber, check your email for the latest Teaching God’s World News to get your customer ID. If you aren’t a current subscriber, now’s your chance to become one. My work begins with the October column.

I’m not getting acknowledged in front of 20 other 13-year-olds this time (thank the Maker), nor am I turning tomato paste red. But I still feel the same thrill of accomplishment and acceptance that began in 1987. And I still like it.