I’m Not An Idiot *Wink*

About five weeks ago, I announced here that I thought the selection of Sarah Palin as McCain’s VP was different. I still think it is, so no changes there; I was – and maybe still am – intrigued.

While I wasn’t at first was offended,  maybe now I am. Sarah Palin seemed like someone who could finally relate to me and I liked that, but what was initially relatable has turned toward being laughable.

After hearing the same lines over and over about how she can relate to the middle class (which I was surprised to find makes $250K/year – what?), referring to all of us in that demographic as “hockey moms” and “Joe six-packs,” well, I’m tired of it. I joke about being white trash, but when someone else calls me that, I don’t like it very much.

Craig voiced what I wanted to. He’s already being disagreed with, but no matter; I think it fits. And I think those of us who fit a demographic of being intellectually-minded lower middle class, who maybe have some leftward leanings but still aren’t ready to give up this issue of life yet, just have no options this year. Maybe we never have; when I was 18 I just didn’t realize it.

Is it naive to think a third party really could rise up and be heard? I guess I’m a bit surprised it hasn’t happened already. But what do I know? I’m sitting on the couch folding my kids’ hockey jerseys and throwing back some brewskies.