I Heart Tuesdays (And Now Wednesdays)

This isn’t to mean I don’t like Mondays. Mondays are our Classical Conversations days, and just today we made the move to put the Essentials program to the preferred spot of Monday afternoons instead of Wednesday afternoons as we’ve been doing. It made for a very long day today, but I’m glad for it because it means we have two days in a row when we don’t have something major taking us away from home during the day.

Remember that rubber band effect? I knew it would happen to me on Mondays this year, and that’s the reason why I intentionally did not schedule anything else for Monday nights or Tuesdays. I’m finding, though, that I really need the next day as well. I’m looking forward to being home. I’m looking forward to snuggling up on the couch and catching up on our Sonlight books (we’re reading Johnny Tremain right now and I’m we’re all really enjoying it!).

Also, with a weekly Thursday deadline for the News Now stories, being home these days helps. I write at night, which means I can sleep in a little in the morning because – bliss! – we aren’t going anywhere in the morning!

So, Tuesday, thank you for being you. You bring restoration to this introverted mama who functions as an extrovert way past her extroverted quota on Mondays. And now, Wednesday, thank you for joining ranks with Tuesday. Together you two will help this family cope with the rest of our school year.