No Time Like the Present

Sabbath Dinner

We definitely go through on-seasons and off-seasons with our Sabbath meals (explained in the comments here). Seems like our July move and the ensuing months of readjusting to home ownership gave us more than enough of a mental excuse to let them slide, along with reading and consistent laundry care, but that’s another post…).

For the past couple of weeks I’ve intended to get these going again, but legitimate things keep coming up. I had to just decide to do it no matter what this week and we did. Boy howdy, we’ve missed them. It was a joyous time of eating good food, partaking in good conversation, and praying together as a family. All of these things can (and do) happen on the fly as we live life, but to have an evening of intentionality totally dedicated to such a purpose is of so much value. I remember why we do these now.

I also made an effort to prepare my Sunday School lesson for tomorrow morning this afternoon. I’m usually beginning that process about now (9pm). It felt amazing to have a true rest after we cleaned up the dinner area. There wasn’t anything I HAD to do. I even got another chapter read (and reviewed) in a book I started in August. Technically, our Sabbaths mean taking a break from technology and I’m really about to shut this laptop for the night. I wanted to process the chapter I read just after reading it and while I was on here decided to go ahead and post, but really, I’m not here. I’m resting. You can’t see me.

What God set in motion for us with the creation of the world was indeed good. And I need to follow that example a lot more than I currently do. Here’s to taking a break. We all need one. I hope you get one today too. Enjoy.


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