Tomorrow is the Big Day

One trip to the Sears Scratch-n-Dent store on Saturday procured a new dishwasher for our battle-weary kitchen floor. The van has spent more time with it than I have because while I wasn’t too cheap to try to install it myself, I was too cheap to pay for delivery. So I brought it home on Saturday. We didn’t have a good place to keep it until the install guy comes, so we kept it in the back of the van.

It came inside tonight. We’re letting it get used to the kitchen before it makes its permanent home under the counter next to the sink. It will become best friends with the garbage disposal we had put in in August. It will become best friends with me. I’m optimistic. It doesn’t happen often.

This time tomorrow night I will be enjoying the fact that I do not have to to go into the kitchen before bed to drain the accumulated water. On Wednesday morning I won’t have to drain it again. It will be glorious. We will relax and laugh about how silly the first three months of goofy plumbing problems in our new house have been. You have no idea how many times our entire family read the, day-dreaming of the smooth skin and hair we will have, finally!

And we will brace ourselves for something else to break next week, probably in a bathroom or in the basement.


3 thoughts on “Tomorrow is the Big Day

  1. Jamie says:

    Excellent idea, trying to tame the dishwasher before putting it to work. I’ve heard that once you win a dishwasher’s confidence, it will remain loyal for the rest of its life — which will hopefully be many years from now, long after the warranty has expired.


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