Happy Sugar Rush Day

We jump-started the annual attempt to fill our kids to the brim with as much sugar and sticky goo as humanly possible by going to the Magic House, where they generously offered an all-you-can-handle donut and chocolate milk buffet.

My kids are doing better about recognizing their need to stop when they’ve consumed so much sweetness their cheeks are attached to their eyebrows. They limited themselves to one donut and, surprisingly, only two chose chocolate milk over the standard white milk or orange juice. I guess there really is such as thing as too much of a good thing (that, and they know what’s coming tonight).

Speaking of the Magic House, a couple of weeks ago we were asked to join them for a little project they were doing for a local news station. That “room full of kids” mentioned by the reporter would be two-thirds mine (and yes, they tend to take up an entire room wherever they go *grin*).

The clip was a fun find today because when it actually came on the news, a train went by our house, knocking out our TV signal during this short 1 minute, 22 seconds of fame. The girls, who were thrilled to be filmed initially, got a very cold dose of reality TV when their fifteen minutes of fame were reduced to what they were. Katie was especially concerned that the only part of her you actually see is her backside. (You can actually see her after that, sans costume, working on a craft at the table, but she was still fairly mortified by this clip of her.)

Anyway, that’s about the extent of our day: Magic House this morning, home this afternoon, gather up as much chocolate booty as possible tonight.

Happy HFCS day, everyone.


Here I Stand, I Can Do No Other

Okay, so that’s taking Martin Luther a bit out of context, but I’d like to think that were he still with us, he would be a lot more vocal than I about the way we tend to just ignore the way the collective “we” have sanctioned the killing of pre-born children.

Some arguments I’ve heard from the mouths of professing believers:

  • Abortion has not been over-ruled in a Republican government.
  • Abortion is not the only issue at stake.
  • It doesn’t matter how we vote, nothing will change the abortion laws in our country.

I’m here to say this: I will not use any of those arguments or any others to make myself feel better about voting for a man who clearly supports the murder of these babies.
I linked to this article by John Piper a while ago in my sidebar, but it deserves a front page. He wrote it in 1995. I think it has never been more relevant than it is right now. There are many issues I can agree to disagree about. There is one I will never do so on.
Before God and before you, I will not sit this election out. I will not support Barack Obama. I will pray for this election. I will cast my vote in the direction of life.

Here I stand. I can do no other.