Here I Stand, I Can Do No Other

Okay, so that’s taking Martin Luther a bit out of context, but I’d like to think that were he still with us, he would be a lot more vocal than I about the way we tend to just ignore the way the collective “we” have sanctioned the killing of pre-born children.

Some arguments I’ve heard from the mouths of professing believers:

  • Abortion has not been over-ruled in a Republican government.
  • Abortion is not the only issue at stake.
  • It doesn’t matter how we vote, nothing will change the abortion laws in our country.

I’m here to say this: I will not use any of those arguments or any others to make myself feel better about voting for a man who clearly supports the murder of these babies.
I linked to this article by John Piper a while ago in my sidebar, but it deserves a front page. He wrote it in 1995. I think it has never been more relevant than it is right now. There are many issues I can agree to disagree about. There is one I will never do so on.
Before God and before you, I will not sit this election out. I will not support Barack Obama. I will pray for this election. I will cast my vote in the direction of life.

Here I stand. I can do no other.


10 thoughts on “Here I Stand, I Can Do No Other

  1. Kara Tippetts says:

    Well said. I am much agreed. With the possible nomination of 2 to 3 Supreme Court Justices, this is no small vote. This will make a difference to the lives of our children.
    I stand with you friend. It’s amazing how marginalized life has become in this election. It’s sad.
    Today my mom told me Obama is a moral man. I asked, “what makes a moral man?” She said he finished top of his class at Harvard. Hmmm, not really how I see it.
    I like what Craig said today. He’s likeable, he’s got a winning personality, and he is handsome and engaging…..(Ok,Craig didn’t call him handsome), but what you stated still matters, and must be noted.
    Thank you for being willing to be unpopular!


  2. Rose Bexar says:

    He needs to have a “Yo Mama Was Pro-Life” poster shoved in his face everywhere he goes. 😛
    So many people talk about Piper smoothing down Trig’s hair as their favorite moment of the RNC. For me, an equally important moment was seeing Mrs. McCain with Trig. These are two families that have shown their commitment to life through their actions as well as through their votes, which is far, far more than can be said of Obama and Biden.
    I stand with you, Megan. I can do no other.


  3. Jamie says:

    I agree. And I get tired of hearing the argument that the decision to have an abortion is a personal one that we (and the government) shouldn’t interfere with. No, aborting innocent children is not a personal decision: it’s murder.
    A society that does not value life, regarding the smallest, most defenseless lives of all as disposable is a society in big trouble. My vote was cast for the candidate that does respect every person’s God-given right to life; even though he is far from perfect, and I don’t agree with him on every issue, I would much rather vote for him than for the man who condones the murder of the very youngest Americans he is supposed to represent.


  4. Anne says:

    Well said, and I’m with you. The abortion issue is not a single issue. What one believes about life — especially the lives of the defenseless — is much, much more than one issue.


  5. Jess says:

    At the end of this very long process, I’ll be voting for Mr. McCain too, but I wish I could write a post script with my vote. I’m tired of having to vote in all the rest of the Republican Party line, again, because I am passionately pro-life. I agree voting for life is significant and not a one issue vote, but I’m frustrated that there are not options out there for a Pro-life voter who also wants to extend life to other vulnerable people in our society – like the uninsured, underinsured, and undereducated. I did some serious looking at Democrats for Life,, – a small association of Democrats who support Obama, but who are lobbying against his proposed pro-choice legislature. However, I doubt they would have the influence to stop the direction of the Democratic Party who seem bent on undermining the value of life. Although I’m convinced my decision is right, and that valuing life is the most important aspect of my vote, I’m disappointed not to be able to also contribute to the furthering of several other policies I’m very interested in – universal healthcare being one of them.


  6. kathrynjudson says:

    Well said. I’d already posted my pro-life round-up for today at Ladies for Life before I saw this, but I have it in the queue for tomorrow.


  7. Leura says:

    I once had a Christian friend tell me that she couldn’t be a one-issue voter. I get that, but I believe that a candidate’s stand on this one issue speaks volumes about this person’s character and integrity. If I can’t trust you to protect the life of a baby, how can I trust you to lead my nation? I’m with you, Megan. And as a mom who has delivered a stillborn 20-week-old baby and seen how fully, beautifully formed she was, that video made me sick.


  8. tyler says:

    well said, megan.
    jess, i had the same sentiment, wanting my representatives to know which of his decisions i agreed/disagreed with (assuming they care). opencongress allows you to vote on your representative’s votes. i’m not sure how many congressmen put these results to good use, but it’s worth a shot.


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