Am I the only one scratching her head here wondering how in the world November 1 managed to sneak in? Am I the only one who just realized last night that if you took a seminary class this semester with required books to read and papers due the first week of December, then you just have four short weeks left to snap to it?

Am I the only one who remembered yesterday afternoon that, “oh yeah, today is Halloween and if we’re ever going to carve these goofy pumpkins, we should probably do it NOW?”

We did. The girls have been asking all month and I kept saying, “Let’s wait until it’s closer to Halloween.” You know, it doesn’t get much closer to Halloween than 3pm on the day of. It was fun, though. I’ve decided I like the little pumpkins best – less mess to deal with. The girls drew faces on their pumpkins and I helped cut them out. Here are my girls in pumpkins:






8 thoughts on “November

  1. gretchen from lifenut says:

    We carved our pumpkins on Halloween afternoon, too! We’ve never waited that long. But we only managed to get three done, and we had six. What to do with the other three pumpkins, keeping in mind I am not cooky or handy at all?


  2. Candace Prosser says:

    Hahaha, evidently this was a common delima on Friday. We carved ours a little before 5pm. Thank goodness my mother-in-law is here for my last trimester or I would have never gotten it done and been able to get the kids costumed and treated before 8pm.


  3. Mom says:

    I’m glad you did this activity with the girls. I especially liked the “extras” that K6 put on hers.
    Did you roast the pumpkin seeds, or make pumpkin bread? Happy November!!!!!!


  4. Megan says:

    Nada: all seeds went straight to the trash. Pumpkins are still on the front porch. I make my pies and breads from canned pumpkin. *grin* – I still make my own crusts, but canned pumpkin is just too easy and usually pretty cheap.


  5. Jamie says:

    I’m wondering how it’s possible that it is already November 2nd, myself. And I realized this afternoon, with great alarm, that we have a birthday party to plan for a mid-November birthday. Hmm, better get on that.
    Your girls’ pumpkins are cute. We didn’t carve pumpkins this year — we were just lucky to have the costumes finished in time to go trick-or-treating. Heh.


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