Did your world totally turn upside down today? I can’t say mine did. I still had to get up at 7, get the girls fed and educated, fold some laundry, make some lunch, and do some writing. There’s something to be said for not turning the television on during the day (we never do this anyway, so it never occurred to me to do it today either), or checking anything online other than email for most of the day.

For all those who hinted we might be disgruntled by the outcome, I assure you we’re not. I’m glad to be able to say I voted from my conscience and calling. I’m not angry about how things turned out. Concerned about what could happen with the abortion laws and such? Yes. All the more reason to pray. I couldn’t express my view here any better than my friend Leura did. Here’s a portion of what she wrote:

Obama’s views offer those of us who don’t agree with him an opportunity—a kick in the butt is more like it—to exercise our personal responsibility and not just our patriotic responsibility. Take abortion, for example, an issue that’s dear to my heart. It’s clear we’re not going to make much political headway in the next four years on this issue, so let’s roll up our sleeves and take our passion to another front. Let’s start investing personally in the lives of the girls and women who are most at-risk for unexpected pregnancies. Let’s tangibly support the brave women who choose to carry their babies and give them up. (I can’t imagine anything harder.) Let’s come alongside the women who keep their babies. That may mean buying them clothes and baby food, or babysitting while they’re earning their GED. Let’s pour our money and time into Christian crisis pregnancy centers that tell women the truth—that human life is never an accident. If the government’s not going to do it for us, let’s make a difference ourselves. I’ve just gotta wonder if thisisn’t what Jesus had in mind for us all along.

Good words, Leura.

I’m in the process of writing about the elections for the short News Now columns. The goal tonight is to state the facts without sounding partisan, to communicate the hope that accompanies so many in our country as well as the sadness from so many. And to do so four times in snippets no longer than 150, 175, 200, and 225 words. It’s tricky, I tell you.

It’s supposed to rain tomorrow and I’m looking forward to that. Life goes on. Hopefully it will continue to do so.


4 thoughts on “Well?

  1. Jamie says:

    Yep, life went on the same as always here, too. I’m not thrilled about the outcome, but I simply do not have the time or energy to worry about what kind of “change” we’ll get with Obama — and that kind of worrying wouldn’t do me any good, anyway.
    Mostly, I am just glad the election is over. OVER. Now there’s a reason to celebrate.


  2. Anne says:

    Yes, I got up, ate my oatmeal, taught my children, did laundry, and went to work to teach Latin, just as I always do. But I can’t shake the knowledge that my husband is getting a new boss. It hits home for us. I’m really, really trying to believe Romans 13:1-7. Lord, I believe. Help my unbelief!


  3. Margaret says:

    Thanks for the ref. from Leura. I agree that the best way for those of us on both sides to work together is to help prevent unwanted pregnancies in many ways, and especially by supporting young people as they grow.


  4. Lana Day says:

    Wonderful words from that woman! I think she is right on target! Thank you, Megan, for sharing her thoughts and echoing them, too!
    I voted for Obama and was an strong supporter of his. I think our country needs his leadership and that of his wife.
    We all certainly need prayer, too.


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