Feelin’ Crafty

In a fit of what can only be described as obsessive compulsive household rearrangment syndrome (OCHRS), I decided to tackle the basement yesterday. It was a long four months coming, and I'm not finished yet but I did make some significant progress. The problem for me, though, is that progress in a crafting area always, always, always means I develop this inner urge to craft. Craig shakes his head knowingly. He can't create in chaos, which is why he usually can't create around me. He knows that when things are picked up we do better as creative people. So yes, he's right. (Happy?)

Anyway, a couple of months ago I got this great idea to make crayon pouches for our church. They currently offer crayons in plastic boxes for the kids to use during the service. Crayons + plastic boxes + wooden pews = more noise than tolerable for most people (or maybe just for us). I secured proper approval and then promptly tabled said project. Until yesterday, that is. Because suddenly I had a clear crafting table and an organized fabric stash with ribbon neatly hung on a peg, looking all fabric store-ish and cute. I did as much cleaning as I could and then I gave in. Here they are:


This is a bad time to be bitten by the craft bug. I've got two more books to read, an interview to do, and three papers to write for seminary in addition to other writing deadlines. I really shouldn't be doing this now. But Christmas is coming and all and I did want to make several of my gifts this year…maybe one more night of this wouldn't hurt anything, right?