This fall has been silly again. Last fall was hard on us and I thought it was just the job I was doing on top of everything else. This fall is just as hard and the job I’m doing is about 1/10th of the work, so guess what – I don’t think it was really the job last fall. It’s just the fall.

We seriously cut back on extras this year. We have Classical Conversations on Mondays and St. Louis Children’s Choirs on Thursdays. Those are the school extras that take us out of the home during weekdays. I’m still trying to figure out what makes us long for Fridays at 5:00, when we enter the weekend panting from the week. I’m hoping I can figure it out before May.

This weekend is a rare one in which all six of us are home all weekend. It’s supposed to snow. We’re really hoping to get a lot of reading done and papers written while watching the snow, drinking tea, and enjoying our four little ladies quietly hand sewing in their 17th-century dresses.

You know what’s really going to happen, right? They will end up watching half-a-dozen movies, and in between they will want to go outside and play in the snow. They will get bundled up in all of the winter stuff we own, go outside for ten minutes, and come back in begging for hot chocolate. They will shed all the extra winter stuff (now wet) all over the kitchen and dining room floor. I will be doing laundry all day. And heating up the kettle for hot chocolate.

But strangely enough, this scenario (one I really don’t enjoy all that much) doesn’t scare me away from my thoughts of a peaceful, relaxing weekend. I’m going to trust that we can still carve that into the coming days.

Here’s hoping your upcoming weekend is refreshing for your family and your soul. Happy Friday.