Okay, Advent

Emily asked about Advent. I’m glad she did because I usually remember to pull the stuff out about a week after it begins. This is a good reminder to me to get it going on time (ie: go to the basement and find the box of Advent stuff; soon).

Here’s the post I wrote last year on it with a few minor modifications. Here you go!


I wasn’t planning to post what we do for Advent, but since a couple of you have asked more specifically, I’ll give you a little run down.

First, we have the Noel Calendar, which I got from John Piper’s church a few years ago. (I looked for it on their website and it appears they do not have it this year. I heard somewhere else that they are revamping it, so perhaps it will be available again next year.) I really like this calendar and it has been a great addition to our routine. It involves reading a short line from the pamphlet, and sticking one of the little figures on the scene. In the true spirit of something, our girls usually argue over who gets to put baby Jesus in the manger on the 25th, so I mixed it all up this year and nobody knows who gets to do it yet.

Noel Calendar



Next we have Celebrating the Life of Jesus: Daily December Devotions for the Family. I ordered it directly from the author, Brenda Poinsett, several years ago. It is not showing up on her website right now, so it would be worth an email to her to ask (it was cheap, like $3 or something for the book); if she doesn’t have any more, ask her for permission to copy mine and I’d be happy to do that for anyone (I’d need you to pay for copies and postage, though).

Celebrating the LIfe of Jesus Tree

Book by Brenda Poinsett

And then there’s the Jesse Tree, which I posted about last night. I made my ornaments based off the list here. I used to also copy pictures of these, along with the verse so the girls could color them while we were reading about it. Last year God’s World News sent out subscriber emails in which they included a downloadable pdf of all the Jesse Tree symbols to coincide with the poster along with appropriate scripture. Each symbol gets its own page so you can print them individually for coloring purposes, or you could make your own ornaments out of them, whatever. I made sure this was kosher before posting this here (made sure last year, am hoping this is still kosher!).

And that’s our Advent routine. I used to do the candle thing, but gave that up, too. We’ll save it for Sundays, when the church does a much better job of explaining the candles than I ever did.

What am I missing? Anything you all do that I need to know about?