Can You Say, “Teacher Gifts”?

I found the Tea Wallet Tutorial today from Christy’s Creations. These are so easy and so cute, I’ve got a new craft addiction!


Here’s the inside:


Tea on the go! I’ve thought before about bringing my own tea bags with me various places, but carting them round seemed weird. No more! I love the tea wallet. And I am a teacher after all… Hmmm, maybe the first one is for me? *grin*


10 thoughts on “Can You Say, “Teacher Gifts”?

  1. The Simple Shepherdess says:

    hahaha! You made me laugh about carting tea bags around!
    I carry Chamomile tea bags with me when I am pregnant. Chamomile is a smooth muscle relaxer. I have an irritable uterus meaning that I start having terribly annoying contractions at about 14 weeks. But if I am armed with Chamomile I can wipe stop those contractions in their tracks. I always thought I was the only person in the world who had a purse full of tea bags…until today:)


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