Tea Wallets

I’m updating this post altogether with current inventory only. I can’t guarantee any custom orders to be shipped in time for Christmas, but if I post it here for sale, I will ship it the same day I receive payment, first class mail.

I have a handful of tea wallets left over from the mad rush due to a few orders canceling after I started making them. That’s okay, I don’t mind having extra, but I figured I’d go ahead and post them as I finish them here. Anything posted here is ready to go. They are $7 each including the Trader Joe’s tea and shipping. I mail them out the same day I receive payment. Email me at halfpinthouse at gmail dot com if interested.

More Tea Wallets!


Inside More Tea Wallets!

Don’t forget, Christy made this tutorial up and graciously shared it with all of us. If you can sew, you can make these yourself!


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