Actual Conversation

December is the month we slow down with our schooling. We will still do some, but we’ll be done by lunch every day. I need to do some organizing right now (I’m getting off this computer very soon) so I’m letting my kids watch a movie (it’s too cold to play outside: SNOW!).

They put in a VHS tape instead of a DVD. The VHS tape was in the middle and needed to be rewound. My children, who can work an iPod better than I can, know how to get to any scene they want to on any DVD available, and love Photo Booth on the computer, are completely stuck when it comes to rewinding a VHS tape.


Kids: “Mom, we need you!”
Me: “Yes?”
Kids: “Look – The movie is in the middle. We can’t get it to start over.”
Me: (I punched the button to switch the remote to VHS, pushed “stop” and “rewind”)
Kids: “Wow! How did you do that?”

Yep, there’s still some magic left in old school technology. Wait until I introduce them to the audio cassette. Yeah, baby.