Dunhams Versus the House, Round 4

Was it Kara who was hoping we’d soon have more goofy house problems to wax eloquent about here on the blog? Thanks, Kara. Thanks a lot.

So, um,  would  the ceiling falling down on our heads suffice?

Visual evidence:


Here’s a better one:


Yep, and it goes across the whole ceiling. Dave, our favorite bookshelf guy, who also happens to be a general contractor, will be coming over after Christmas to completely tear down the living room ceiling and put it back together again. For fun. For Christmas. So our girls will stop thinking they are going to step through the ceiling at any given moment (they won’t, of course, but try telling that to a 5 year old).

Yes, it’s all fun and games until the bank account is bled completely dry. It’s only money. Right?