Our Hero, Updated

You all remember Tim, the guy who thawed us out at the end of October, after we had so many problems with the boiler repair company? Well, he paid a visit to my friend Keri today. I got an email from her this afternoon that said this:

You’re never going to believe this. Guess who just showed up at my house! Tim, the Laclede Gas Man!

Our gas fireplace quit working last night and I was worried it would leak, so I called Laclede and here comes the very same guy! He told me what was wrong, took it apart and showed me which part I needed and how to put it back together, and where to go to get the part.

After I talked to him for a minute I asked him, “Did you by any chance go to help a family in ********* who was having problems with their boiler?” and he remembered you! He said that the VP of Laclede saw your blog post and made a big deal out of it – showed it to everyone in the company and said he’d take Tim out to dinner.

Thought that was pretty neat, and that you might enjoy hearing the rest of the story. 🙂

Indeed we did. My first thought was, “How did Laclede find my blog post?” I figured Craig must have written a thank you note and linked to it. Turns out he meant to do that, but never did. Not sure how the post made it to the VP of Laclede, but glad to hear Tim got some recognition out of the deal. According to Keri, that’s just the way he rolls.

Good job, Tim! And thanks again! We’re warm tonight because of you.