Christmas Chicken

December 5

One plastic chicken from a game of chicken limbo my kids played at a Christmas party today. Would you believe I went to this party bearing ONLY two boxes of peppermint Joe-Joe’s (similar to Oreo’s, but from Trader Joe’s and so much better…)? I didn’t bake one thing, prepare one craft, plan one game, nothing. I did manage to make sure the girls were wearing clean shirts and that I’d brushed their hair (don’t ask how long it’s been since I made sure their hair was brushed before we left the house). I failed to make sure they were wearing proper shoes and two went in snow boots, nevermind there is absolutely no snow on the ground anymore.

You know what? There was plenty of food (we brought 1.5 boxes of peppermint Joe-Joe’s back home with us, lucky us!), plenty of crafting, plenty of games. It was nice to just be for two hours. Granted, it was a rather pseudo-attempt at being an extrovert with a bunch of women I don’t know very well, but I didn’t do anything but be there and while it was a little nerve-wracking to think of all I should have been doing for those two hours, I was able to let it go.

Tonight, though? I was drop dead tired at 8:30. I got in bed at 9:30. My brain refuses to shut down. Refuses. So here I am, posting pictures of plastic chickens and about to sew a bunch of buttons on tea wallets. Sigh.