Christmas Choir Concert

December 6

After the Christmas Concert (aka: “Holiday Program”) of the St. Louis Children’s Choir: three singers and one tag-along. But a cute tag-along, don’t you think?


7 thoughts on “Christmas Choir Concert

  1. Mom says:

    Thanks for posting this picture of 4 cuties. Papa and I wish we could have heard the girls sing. Maybe we can get a mini concert when you all are here is 2 weeks. (Yes, we are counting the days!!!)
    Love ya


  2. Nanci @j Brambleberry Cottage says:

    What precious girls you have!
    For lack of a better place, I place my thanks to you here for the give away you sent me. These tea wallets are wonderful and the sample tea was delightful to sip at a moment when I most needed it. As I am not a coffee drinker, I often go without a hot drink when others are offered coffee. Now I can carry my own private “stash” with me.
    The construction and sewing are extremely well done. I can speak to that as one with over thirty-five years of sewing experience. I will gladly recommend you to others. Congratulations on your booming tea wallet business!!!!!
    Again, thank you for such a great giveaway.


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