A Becky Sighting

December 17

Becky came over today. We’ve met in real life before because we share a mutual friend in Marcie, but we’ve not really interacted much in person. Just on blogs. Today she dropped by with her sweet girls and we traded teacher gifts. I gave her a tea wallet and she gave me this fabtastico travel coffee mug with my initials on it. I like it.

I like her too. I wished she could have stayed longer, for it has taken us about 8 months to make this happen and I fear it might be another 8 before it happens again. Ah, intentionality, why do you evade us so often?

Becky, thanks for coming by! I’d like to do it again and you don’t have to trade me anything next time. *grin*


4 thoughts on “A Becky Sighting

  1. Becky says:

    I’m famous.
    I’ve been mentioned on Half Pint House and now everyone at Laclede and Dyson will know my name *smile*.
    I can’t wait to hang out again.


  2. Craig says:

    Um, I swiped the coffee mug this morning and filled it with milk instead. Just wanted you to know in case you thought that, after its mention on the blog, someone broke in to steal it.


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