Incredible Fun

December 19

Skee-Ball Queens of 2008

I had coupons for Incredible Pizza today. Believe me, you can’t go there without coupons, but with them it’s a lot of fun. The girls were less than half-price to get in (and I paid for it with a bona-fide Christmas bonus gift card I got this year!). We got $25 in free game cards by bringing in 5 canned food items for the local food bank.

As we left the house today I thought, “What can I do while the girls are playing there?” And then immediately thought, “What can I do? I can play with them!” I left all possibilities for doing something other than playing with the girls at home. No buttons to sew on, no books to read, no cards to sign (oh, that would be assuming we were sending any this year, which as of this point we still aren’t…). Nothing.

When we got there there were other moms at a table talking. They beat us there by an hour and their kids were already playing. I almost sat with them to chat and then remembered I wanted to be intentional with the girls. We sat at a table the five of us and ate. Then we played.

Some kids like to blow all their game money on the games that just give tickets. I prefer to make my kids work for them a little bit. Enter the skee-ball section. Honestly? I love skee-ball. It’s right up there with air hockey in my estimated opinion. And we played our share of air hockey as well, but we always went back to skee-ball.

Good times, good times.


4 thoughts on “Incredible Fun

  1. Kristy says:

    I’m an air hockey fan. At one house we lived in, we had a great big basement, and my husband and I bought a real air hockey table. What fun!! Alas- it just did not fit in our next house, and we sold it. Fun while it lasted though.
    I think a couple of hours at the arcade, a once a year treat, is good medicine! 🙂


  2. Ed Eubanks says:

    Marcie’s a genuine Skee-Ball fan too. (I think it’s because she’s never been into other kinds of arcade games…)
    Good for you for jumping in to play with them. It would have been easy to take something. That sort of thing is one of the many reasons I admire your mothering.
    I hope we’ll get to touch base with y’all over the holidays– it’s been too long! (Molly had trouble recognizing the girls in the pic above– sad.) Maybe one day next week we can all gather around our iMacs and do a video chat?


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