On Christmas Break

No photos today. I no longer have a laptop and didn’t bother bringing the camera cord, so no photos. Sorry.

We’re in Oklahoma, having pulled in at 8:00 tonight. As we were leaving today, I happened to run down to the basement and opened the freezer door. I have no idea why I did this because we were packed and ready to go. I wasn’t planning to cook anything in the remaining 2 minutes we had left; nevertheless, I opened the freezer. There I discovered that all of the grass-fed beef I had in the door of the freezer and on the top shelf were completely thawed out. Then I cried.

It’s only the 20th, but December won and we’re wiped out. We desperately need a break and are hoping to get one soon after Christmas. I told Craig today that for Christmas this year I did not want to paint the living room. 1984 is growing on me a little (okay, maybe not), but I want Craig to be able to relax the one week he has with no traveling before classes resume on the 5th.

To that end, I’m giving him a one-month subscription to Blockbuster, with Lost Season 4 already on the way, followed by the Godfather Trilogy. All we need next week are the movies and endless supplies of popcorn and Coke Zero. Sounds like a perfect way to regain some sense of who we are (movie zombies – that’s who we really are).

Hoping some sleep restores us tonight. Hoping the time with our families is sweet. Hoping the girls don’t get too strung out by the routine shift.

Hoping. Hoping is something. It’s a better place to be than I’ve been.