All I Want for Christmas is…

Two Front Teeth

This poor gal has had the misfortune to have lost a total of three teeth in the last month. If you’ll recall, this hasn’t been one of the easiest months of the Dunham household, so the tooth fairy, shall we say, has been a bit on the MIA side of things.

The only saving grace we have here is that, like Santa, our kids are in on the whole “tooth fairy” thing and play along, knowing full well that it’s us. The bad side of that, though, is that when the tooth fairy forgets, well, everyone knows whose fault it is: mine.

Katie has been wiggling this last front tooth for the past two weeks. It finally came out today. She glanced in my direction and I solemnly swore I would not forget this time. Tooth Fairy Mama’s honor.

I just went up and slid the expected dollar under the pillow with a note. Tomorrow she shall not be disappointed.

One out of three isn’t so bad, right?


Root Deer

December 24

Meet Dasher and Dancer, root deer at the ready. Comet and Cupid are on the other side. They will soon be placed in four specific stockings. I saw this on someone’s blog earlier in the week and for the life of me can’t remember who or where. I thought it was pretty cute, though, so had to replicate it.

Merry Christmas, Everyone.