Chi-Town, Here We Come!

The past month has been a blur. As a result, I’ve made plans for this trip to Chicago with Maddie, but haven’t engaged the process very well. I made appropriate reservations and such, but haven’t thought much beyond just that.

Today, I mapped out everywhere we will go and printed off directions both for walking and for public transit (thank you, Google Maps for providing the public transit directions). I’m starting to get both excited and a little freaked out. I’m not used to being the Adult-In-Charge whenever I go somewhere because I don’t usually go on trips without Craig.

This time tomorrow night we’ll probably be watching some random movie on cable TV (we loves us some hotel with cable TV!). We’ll be resting and relaxing and enjoying.¬†Craig offered to let me take his laptop on the trip and I was tempted. But you know, I need the three days without it. Maddie needs the three days with me without it.

We’ll take lots of photos and compose lots of stories in our minds. Maybe some of them will get transferred back here on Sunday. Or maybe not. Either way, the trip will be memorable and, I hope, honoring to Maddie and the girl she is and growing into.

Good-bye for now.