The Sneaky Birthday

You’d think that with this being the 7th time I’m experiencing this I would have it down by now. You’d also think that with her reminding me of the count down every day for the past two weeks that I’d have it down by now. Neither would be true. Katie will be turning into 7 next week. Every year it sneaks up on me.

She’s the child who shares her birthday with Craig, who couldn’t care less about his birthday except for the fact that he shares it with Katie, which redeems it for him. In terms of a January-December calendar year, they go first in our family. In terms of the order of birthday season, though, they go last. Birthday season kicks off in August each year. From there we have a birthday (in our immediate family) in August, October, November, December, and finally February. When you consider that the three major holiday players are also thrown into that batch, it’s easier to see how after the first week of January we sigh deeply and think we’re done.

Not so much.

I never know what to get this one. She’s number three so we’ve pretty much got it already. We’re only about five weeks out from Christmas by the time her birthday gets here so there’s nothing much she needs. And yet here we are. Birthday looming, mother unprepared.

I have no idea why I let this happen every single year but I do. I may have to quickly start back up a sewing stretch for this. She could use some new clothes and I’ve been meaning to make her a personalized pillow case.

Regardless of what we come up with, it’s fun to see “Sassy” girl become more of a little girl and less of a baby girl. She’s silly and sensitive and sweet. And in just ten days she will be seven.

Time to start thinking about it now, don’t you think?


8 thoughts on “The Sneaky Birthday

  1. Belinda says:

    Completely understand the birthday season thing…ours starts at the end of July and ends with an early January birthday. My January (E) is now 16 and I figured out some years ago to pick up an extra present or two when shopping for Christmas and tuck them away until her birthday on the 11th. Also, after all the gift-giving and receiving at Christmas-time, E seemed to enjoy gifts that were “doing” something instead of “getting” something (having nails done, taking a couple of friends to the skating rink, etc.) Hope she has a lovely bday….B.


  2. Kristycho says:

    Oh I know!!
    We have a birthday season too- August to February. And it is my #3 that is annually shortchanged as well- her day comes the first week in December- sandwiched between those two big holidays, right in the middle of December busy-ness!
    Oh for forgiveness! Oh for grace!
    7 is fun, isn’t it? Enjoy!!


  3. gretchen from lifenut says:

    Ugh…we have Tommy, Ryley, and now Archie all born within a month of Christmas. For Ryley’s b-day last week, I had the WORST time thinking of stuff to give him, so he ended up with some pretty random stuff he never asked for…
    But God bless him! He is a gracious kiddo and did a good job acting like the Han Solo bobblehead was the present of his dreams.
    Good luck to you, Megan! 🙂


  4. martha10 says:

    our b’day season (when we were just 5) was mostly jammed into 5 weeks starting 3/7 with 3 of them in one week…often the week of easter. our “oddball” b’day was in june…school was out, people were on vacation and once or twice we had her party early so we could have one while friends were in town.
    with marriages and grandchildren, late april and may have filled up, as well as june with an added july b’day with the newest son-in-law. i’m glad we don’t have christmas to contend with so far. our newest grandbaby has the potential for coming in feb. but likely will be march if she follows the path her brother did. m


  5. Jamie says:

    Next week? I agree with Keri — that’s plenty of time. (Says the career procrastinator).
    Good luck w/ your birthday quest. We had trouble with birthday season/Christmas this past year (everyone except for me has autumn birthdays). It’s no easy task finding gifts for kids that are really worth having, and that you won’t want to chuck within a few months.


  6. Laura says:

    So, what’s K6almost7’s “love language” if it isn’t gifts, then maybe something-with-quality-time attached… or what have you. I learned that Daniel really likes quality time, so a couple of years ago I gave him tea (a new shared interest of his with me), but the catch was he had to go with me to a tea room to sample, sit and enjoy a pot, and then he would get his choice of teas… just a random idea for the “hard to buy for”… 🙂 I’d give a LOT to havce him to myself for a weekend to go riding motorcycles and… maybe sample some tea.


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