7 Quick Takes Friday

1. I forgot it was 7 Quick Takes Friday until just a minute ago. Yay! I have a reason to post something random. Love that.

2. I think I finally found the right Weight Watchers meeting to attend. I rejoined a few weeks before Thanksgiving (intentionally, to help with the holiday binge) and went four times between then and Christmas. I lost four pounds. I then gained all four back. I couldn’t make myself go back to meetings, though, because the times were just all wrong. I have to take the girls with me. Millie goes to preschool three days of the week which prevents me from attending the noon meeting on those days. We were going at 10am on Wednesdays, but that really messed with the school routine on those days. I went today (Friday) at noon and it was pretty fine. The girls had just finished piano lessons and it was not that big a deal to run to WW immediately after. We were home by 12:45 just in time for a newly motivated lunch. No serious school disruption and I’m hoping I can keep this up. I’ll be out of town next Friday, though, so already I’m set up for struggle.

3. Speaking of being out of town next week, I’ll be at the L’Abri Conference. I’m starting to get nervous about it. I can’t remember the last time I took a trip completely alone. It’s going to be weird.

4. I cry every time I hear the song “Beautiful” from Amy Grant’s Simple Things album. Sometimes I’m cheesy that way. Sue me. There’s probably some song out there that makes you cry too. Come on, out with it here please.

5. Speaking of #2 again, I signed up our family for the community gym again. I went on Wednesday and reintroduced my feet to my “running” shoes. It had been a very long time since they’d seen each other. They don’t like each other very much. I have blisters to prove it.

6. This is my current Facebook profile picture:

On the Farm

I look like a bank robber with that hat on, but seeing as how I had forgotten mine and Craig took his off his head and gave it to me to wear, I don’t even care. We took the girls to the farm last weekend and attempted to sled with them on very little snow. They didn’t care. To them it was still a ton of fun and thus it was also a ton of fun for us.

7. We have these two Ugandan boys we support. We struggle with writing letters to them, though. Honestly? I forget a lot of the time. The money is deducted automatically out of our account which is great for consistency, but not so much for causing me to actually think about them each month. This post is calling for ideas on improving letter writing for sponsored children. I’m keeping my eyes on it.