Oh Monday, Where Art Thou?

I knew today would be of the long and tiring variety. The weekend was indeed one of rest and many other things. Among those many other things included complete mental exhaustion. I still need to process the time. It’s hard to process time like that when you hit the ground running again, though.

Funny, but the laundry didn’t go away over the weekend, nor did my responsibilities with the homeschool group today. I still need to teach the girls tomorrow and I have class tomorrow night. Someone needs to go to preschool, two others have swimming lessons and life just picks right back up again. Exactly where I left it.

But for now I’m attempting some small changes. Small because I can’t attempt big ones and expect any kind of long-term consistency out of them. I’m trying to go to bed earlier than I usually do (don’t laugh, I know it’s 11:15pm right now, but if I shut this thing down in five minutes, read my Bible for 15, and brush my teeth I will still be going to bed earlier than I usually do). Small steps. Small, but progressive steps.

Here’s to trying. It’s about all I’ve got.