Through His Eyes, Chapter 1

Through His Eyes; God’s Perspective on Women in the Bible by Jerram Barrs
Chapter 1: The First Face of Eve: Eve at Creation

I know that probably nobody has this book yet and thus you are not ready to discuss it, but I’m ready to begin processing it, so I thought I’d just start. I also hope that by starting it might spur some of you on toward going ahead and getting the book!

This can take different forms as more of you begin reading it and interacting (if indeed anyone does!); until then, I do best by just pulling out some quotes and talking about them a bit. There are some reflection questions at the end of each chapter, so we can work on those a bit, too.

There were sections of this chapter I highlighted, but the one I thought I’d start with is on page 18. Jerram says,

     “Eve is as fully God’s image-bearer as is Adam. There is therefore complete equality between the first woman and the first man as we reflect on their fundamental nature as persons made to be like their Creator. This full equality means that there is no hierarchy of being between a man and a woman.
…our relationship with God is even more foundational to us than any human relationship. This means also that our relationship with God takes precedence over any human relationship, whether it is a relationship between wife and husband, mother and child, father and child, sister and brother, friend and friend, ruler and subject, employer and worker, teacher and student, or pastor and church member.
Every one of us is answerable first of all to God, for we, each one of us, were made by him and for him, and each one of us will have to give our own account to him. When we answer to him, there will be no other human intermediary between each of us and him. Each woman will stand before God directly, giving her account of herself and her life to him, for she is his image-bearer made for fellowship with him and is therefore answerable to him, just as every man will stand before God giving his account of his life and choices.”

That last paragraph in particular is what began kicking my tail last week when I started reading it. Of course somewhere deep inside me I know this, but for someone to just plainly say it like that made me realize it that much more.

I’m really appreciating here that this foundation of who we are in Christ really isn’t about male or female. It’s about individuals and God. When I answer to God it won’t be me peeking around from behind Craig, hoping Craig will assume responsibility for my actions here on earth. I will stand square before God myself, accountable for my own actions, my own sin.

I’m still thinking about more of these things, and especially in reference to other things from chapter 2, but I’ll wait until I hear from someone else. Anyone have time to get the book yet? Your thoughts?