To Lent or Not to Lent; That is the Question

Actually, I really haven’t given it much thought until just now, and since I haven’t posted anything since Friday, I wondered if maybe I should give up the blog for Lent? Still, it seems the point is to give up something that would be a struggle to give up. Giving up the blog right now would be like giving up laundry – not so much of a struggle (except for that whole needing to wear clothes thing).

Truthfully? I didn’t know it was Fat Tuesday until about 45 minutes ago. I didn’t grow up observing the church calendar as such, and still have only a vague idea of what it all means (though I like Advent, at least in theory more than practice as we didn’t actually do many of our Advent activities this year). In the Baptist church we had Christmas and Easter: no Advent, no Lent.

Anyway, I’m not sure what my point is, so I’ll stop trying to make one.

I’m home tonight instead of in class: the girls are all coughing today, and I’ve had a fairly severe backache most of the day, so it just seemed to make sense not to inflict the coughing children on the family who watches them for us every Tuesday (have I mentioned we have friends who are saints?). It also made sense not to sit in a classroom chair for three hours when I’m as achy and stiff as I am now.

It could be all the running around of late: 5-hour drive on Friday, 3-hour round drive on Saturday with an 8-hour meeting sandwiched in-between, followed by another 5-hour drive on Sunday. I directed our Classical Conversations group on Monday, which meant preparing all Sunday night and getting up early on Monday. I’m about to run out of gas (could also be why I slept until 8:15 this morning). Sleeping until 8:15 a.m. feels super-duper until it is 5 p.m. at night and you are still cramming history reading with your girls because a late start equates to a slow start and one in which we just don’t punch it very efficiently throughout the day. But then that could also be because swimming lessons are not happening this week and, because of the coughing, I didn’t take E5 to preschool today, so we were all pretty much in our pajamas all day, which usually leads to a slow, lazy school day.

I wanted to see how long I could keep a sentence going there. Maybe I should give up run-on sentences for lent?

So, all that to say that I really just felt the need to check in tonight and don’t really have anything of value to say. Surprised by that, are you? If you made it this far, you really do love me and I thank you for that, because I know this was just a bunch of drivel.

I’m planning to get together my thoughts on Chapter 2 of Jerram’s book very soon (maybe even tonight, as this post needs some fast redemption), but for sure by tomorrow. If you haven’t had a chance to read the small starter-discussion from Chapter 1 yet, please do. I haven’t responded to any of them yet, but really should.

Okay, enough of that. Hope those of you Fat-Tuesdaying are getting it all out of your system. Hope the rest of you don’t worry about it too much.

Peace out…